Alas, Cruel World   
11:11am 01/07/2020
mood: craycray
(No, this isn't me going insane and contemplating my impending doom. This is actually more a post of despair at the failure of the interwebs to magically provide me with aid.)

So, I have been running around like a crazy person for a bit (cue canned laughter) and didn't see the deletion/purge warning in my email. Unfortunately, I cannot re-create the journal, since trying to do so results in a notification telling me that the username belongs to an account that has been deleted and purged. However, trying to log in to my deleted/purged account, I get the notification that I can't, because (obviously) the journal has been deleted and purged.

Am I just SOL if I want to have an account with my original username?


It doesn't help that this particular situation isn't addressed in the FAQs, and trying to submit a question to the "Ask A Question" section of the support area results in an error. (Other people have successfully asked similar questions, but none have any answers. Outlook: not so promising.)